Keep On Keeping On


I moved to Nashville 3 years ago on May 24th. That date is something Nashville transplants tend to remember. For a lot of us, that date was the day the first step of the plan to becoming a famous/successful musician/singer/songwriter is completed. I’ll never forget how starry-eyed I was those first few months. I was overwhelmed with the amount of music venues at my disposal. I was also overwhelmed with the friendliness and support of strangers embarking on the same journey that I was on. There are thousands of artists in Nashville, and there is an incredible sense of community that Nashville holds. We all face the same battles, and in my experience, there seems to be an instinctual reflex to support each other along the way. Nashville was the first place I felt that I truly fit in. My time in Nashville has without a doubt been the best time of my life. It will always be a place I call home. I never thought I would willing leave…

But life has a way of throwing curve balls at you. Back in April, my husband Josh was offered a promotion + raise that was a ridiculously good deal. However, there was a move attached to it. As much as we love our city, we would have been absolute fools to turn down this offer. So we accepted, packed our bags, and moved to Phoenix, AZ.

There are some things I want to make very clear to my fans, because I’ve heard a lot of concerned comments and questions about me, my music career, and my happiness. I appreciate the concerns, but I think some of the comments are a little misguided so I’d like to set the record straight.

1. Does this mean I’m giving up on my dreams? No. I am not giving up on my “dreams” because I don’t have dreams, I have plans. I set goals and I acheive them. My music career has delved beyond the dreamland and has become my reality. This is my day job. There is no back-up plan, so there is no quitting music for me.

2. What will I do? Keep on keeping on. I have a studio in my home that I work out of, so the songs will keep on coming. I’m currently working on another 4 song EP with the (long-distance) help from Scott Faircloff, who produced the last EP. I am also a singer/songwriter for hire, so I keep busy during the day doing freelance work, which is and has always been remote from my house.

The only thing that will probably change with the move is that I won’t be playing out nearly as much. There just aren’t as many music venues here in Phoenix compared to Nashville. But that’s okay! In my 3 years of living in Nashville I played hundreds of concerts, accoustic shows, and writers rounds. With the help of my vocal coach Susan Anders I was able to learn the skill of good stage presence, and that’s not something that will ever leave me.

It seems a lot of folks think that a thriving music career can only happen if you’re living in a music city. While it certainly helps, it’s possible to thrive anywhere. All it takes is a little extra determination and hard work. Some things about the process won’t be as convenient, but I’m committed to writing, making, and releasing my music.