Facebook Live: The VIP Ariel Petrie Experience


Since the rise of social media, it’s no secret that the music industry has changed dramatically. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all give you exclusive looks into the lives of your favorite artists and celebrities. These sites have been a large contributor for the rise in super-fans.


Now, I know I’m no superstar, but there is a tool that has given undiscovered artists like myself a weapon against obscurity. Facebook LIVE. I’ve watched fellow undiscovered artists reach thousands of people by simply “going live” on a consistent basis, so I’ve decided to do the same.


What You Can Expect:

While I call my live sessions “Virtual Concerts” they are quite different from an actual concert. In a formal concert setting there would be lights, a full band, dancing, backing tracks, and a cold, metal bar separating me from you. Facebook live gives you and I the opportunity to communicate in real time while I share my songs, my stories, and give words of encouragement, hope, and strength to each of my viewers. I’ll share exclusive sneak peeks, behind-the-lyrics, give-aways, and even get a chance to explain the meaning behind my songs. You’ll get the opportunity to ask me questions, put in song requests, and learn a little bit more about your favorite independent artist.


To have this sort of VIP experience with a superstar would cost hundreds of dollars. Again, I’m no superstar, but if you’re a super-fan of Ariel Petrie, then tuning in to my *free* Facebook Live streams on a weekly basis is a killer deal.


If you love my music, but you’re not interested in hearing me talk about these behind-the-scene, look-in-to-Ariel’s-life moments, then it’s probably not for you. And that’s okay! That’s why there’s Spotify and iTunes, right?


To see what all the fuss is about, you can go back in time and watch my past live streams here.


You can also tune in LIVE Wednesdays at: 7:00 EST 6:00 CST 5:00 MDT 4:00 PDT